Android 5.1 inbound? Next major Android release will launch in h, says HTC exec

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 18 Feb 2015

A new version of Android may be headed your way sooner than we thought.

HTC vice president Mo Versi, a rather active Twitter user who often tweets about phones updates, may have let that tidbit slip when answering a customer’s question about their HTC One M7 ay edition phone.

Given that llipop just launched in November, it would make sense that a “major release” would be a small version bump to something like Android 5.1, which will be running on Android One phones in the pines—though the “Android 5.1” listing for the phones’ operating system specs were scrubbed after original publication. (Note that the time on the images of the phones in the blog post read “5:10.”) so, results for a Nexus 5 running Android 5.1 have also appeared in Geekbench’s benchmarking database

roid one phones

The image of the Android One hsets launching in the pines that accompanied ‘s blog post—click to enlarge it, then check out the time in the upper right-h corner.

Hopefully we’ll find that Android 5.1 smooths things out gives some better stability, as llipop bugs definitely need squashing. 

The story behind the story: Android has a rather disjointed release cycle—some phones are finally getting up to speed with their first taste of llipop, while is launching the next version overseas. If nothing else, trying to keep track of what is up to with how it updates Android is never boring.