is working on a new way for you to pay without even whipping out your phone

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 11 Feb 2015

en Apple announced Apple y last year, there seemed to be a collective groan among Android users. Both NFC llet have been a major part of the Android operating system for years. The service never picked up as much steam as Apple y did, however, which is likely why is now turning to a new service called aso to help transform its digital payment system.

According to The Information, began testing out aso last fall. The service runs as an app on Android phones that provides to the retailer. The retailer can then see other aso users as long as they have Bluetooth on, then when they enter the store, the employees can simply identify them by their initials.

aso is now being tested by employees will eventually integrate with llet. The Information says that this new method will end up costing , however. The company already loses cash on in-store transactions done through llet.

The service sounds similar to Square llet, which Square nixed a while ago. yl also offers another payment method with the Galaxy S5, which lets you confirm payments with just a swipe of your finger.

The story behind the story: Sorry, , but you’ve been veritably upstaged by Apple y, which is so popular right now that retailers are even advertising the fact that they accept the ione’s method of payment. needs something like that to keep its Android platform attractive to the average consumer—one that retailers would want to advertise alongside the goods they sell. 

There’s also one more crucial element needs to factor in while working on its next great digital payment service: security. Currently, aso doesn’t seem very secure—at least not according to the information we have provided to us. like the idea that all you have to do to pay for something is have your phone with you (no swiping, touching, scanning, signing, or Ns), but will need to really elaborate on its security model in order for users to trust it as their primary method of payment.