Android llipop 5.1 is ready, but you can’t have it yet

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 4 Feb 2015

Seemingly out of nowhere Android is jumping up to version 5.1 heading out the door—if you’re in Indonesia.

’s Indonesian Android One page lists the “latest fastest” version of Android at 5.1 touted the update via Twitter. Indonesia is the latest launch country for ’s Android One effort, which is already underway in India.

There is no specific changelog listed on the site or on any of Android’s developer pages. Android lice already found a tweak to how you connect to -fi networks Bluetooth devices in the Quick Settings menu.

roid one lollipop 5.1 Android

The official Android One page confirms llipop 5.1 is ready to go.

has added an arrow at the bottom of those settings, allowing you to toggle which device or network you want to connect to without needing to jump into the full settings menu. Hopefully this will show up here soon, as it looks like a nice time saver.

This update creates an oddity, however: disjointed updates amongst ’s own stock devices. The Nexus 4, 5, 6 phones are on Android 5.0.1, while the Nexus 7 10 tablets are on 5.0.2.

rhaps is using Indonesia’s Android One phones as a giant test market before bringing it stateside. Either way, it’s a little perplexing to see the latest greatest of Android going overseas first. Typically these updates come to Nexus devices first before hitting the rest of the ecosystem. 

However, this has been a pretty wonky Android update cycle, with the usual always-late-to-the-party Verizon shipping out llipop to the Galaxy S5 the typically reliable HTC backing off its pledge to get the newest Android updates out to its HTC One models.

The story behind the story: th Android One, is partnering with regional carriers in India, Indonesia, other so-called “emerging markets” to build stock Android phones at a low cost. It’s a case of enlightened self-interest: many buyers can finally afford their first smartphone, wants their data flowing through services. Unlike in the U.S. where most Android phones go through a circuitous path, Android One phones get software updates directly from .