10 things Android had before iOS

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Every time a new version of iOS comes out, iOS fanboys spend weeks raving about the new features. “OMG, iOS 8 lets you add third-party keyboards, that’s so revolutionary!” When Android phones started adding NFC and using Google Wallet it was an “experiment,” but now that iPhones have Apple Pay it’s an industry-changing technology. Luckily, us pioneering Android users are cool with beta-testing future iOS tech.

Here are 10 iOS and iPhone features that Apple totally copied from Android:

Custom wallpaper

iOS users will try to forget this, but you couldn’t even change the background on an iPhone (unless you jailbroke it) before iOS 4. And iPhones still don’t have live wallpaper – iOS 7’s parallax effect doesn’t count.


Android users have always been able to switch between apps quickly (without losing their place) but iOS users? Not so much.

Third-party keyboards

Before iOS 8, iPhone users looked like this. But now they use Swype or Swiftkey like the rest of the civilized world.

Camera with flashes

iOS users had to re-learn how to use camera flashes when the iPhone 4 finally got an LED flash.

Bigger phones

“We’re iPhone users! We don’t need giant phones like you Samsung Galaxy Note users! Except like…actually that would be pretty cool.”

NFC Payments

Android users were using NFC payments long before Apple Pay came along. Like, at least two years before Apple Pay came along.

Predictive Typing

android first autocorrect

Until iOS 8, the only predictive-typing capabilities iOS had was really terrible autocorrect.

A quick-access settings panel

Swiping up (or down) from any screen to access a convenient settings panel? Yeah, Android’s had that for a while, guys, but iOS has only had it since iOS 7.

OTA updates

iOS users couldn’t update their OS over-the-air until iOS 5, while Android users have been wirelessly updating since…forever. On the flip side, of course, is the fact that Android updates are notoriously slow to drop.

Interactive notifications

android first notifications

In iOS 8, iPhone users can interact with some notifications without ever entering the actual app. Yet another “new” iOS feature that Android has had for a long time!

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