8 great reasons to root your Android phone right now

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To root or not to root? It's a question that most people don't ever ask themselves, because Android devices are powerful and customizable from the get-go, and rooting can be risky.

But it's not that risky. And if you want to really unlock the full potential of your device—if you want to be able to control everything, backup everything, customize everything, and do all sorts of fun things like install custom ROMs and get Android Lollipop ahead of the pack—you'll need to root your phone.

I'm not saying you have to root your Android device…but I am saying you might be a goody two-shoes if you don't.

Automate everything

Powerful root-only apps like Tasker can turn your dream of a super-smartphone into a reality. Tasker uses the "if this, then that" mentality to make your phone a genius -- for example, you can use Tasker to automatically silence your phone at night, turn on your Wi-Fi when you're at home, or open up an app when you connect to your car's Bluetooth. 

Lollipop, here I come!

Android phone makers have a habit of not releasing updates in a timely manner. Or at all, sometimes. So why are you still waiting for the latest OS when you could simply root your phone and get it right now? Patience is for people who don't know how to root.

Faster than the speed of…your CPU

Contrary to what the phone-makers want you to believe, your Android device could definitely be faster. And you can take speed matters into your own hands with apps like SetCPU, which is only available after you root. What's a little battery life lost when you have more power?

Better battery life

You know how you can overclock your device's CPU for ultra-speedy app-switching (who doesn't want to multitask like Sonic the Hedgehog)? Well you can also use SetCPU to underclock, or slow down, your CPU for when you need that extra 29 minutes of battery life.

Bye-bye, bloatware

Nuking factory-installed bloatware beats disabling it any day.

Really, really back up your stuff

OK, so Google does a pretty good job of keeping your mail, contacts, calendar, apps, and other Google-y things in order. But if you want to truly backup everything, as in, if you want to take a literal snapshot of your device and stick it somewhere safe, you'll need the root-only Titanium Backup. Satisfy your hoarding tendencies!

Customize all the things!

Android is pretty customizable, even without rooting your phone. But with a root you can literally customize everything. Vibration strength? Precise screen color calibration? Gesture control? There's a (root-only) app for that.

Store apps wherever the hell you want to

Use a root-only app like FolderMount to store apps, not just files, on your microSD card. Now your device has infinite (read: 128GB) of real usable storage!

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