The Android phones tablets we expect to see at CES 2015

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 3 Jan 2015

It’s the start of a br new year, you know what that means: packed gyms, an onslaught of blogposts from your Facebook friends detailing their new year’s resolutions, an avalanche of product announcements at CES.

CES showcases a smorgasbord of new gadgets weird technologies, though we don’t always hear much about what’s in store for the Android sphere from this particular show, the rumor mill has been hot lately with hearsay of new products from the likes of Samsung, , Sony. rounded up some of the juiciest Android-related rumors in preparation for the tech-filled week ahead.

Samsung may remain mum on the Android front

samsung note pro

Samsung may not debut anything Android-y at all.

At CES 2014, Samsung surprised us with two new Android-based business-centric tablets, the Galaxy Note o the Galaxy Tab o. This year, we may see a repeat of those two particular tablet models, though there are news reports that suggest Samsung’s presence at CES may have nothing to do with its Android division at all. The company may use the show to debut its new ndows-based laptops tablets instead, save the debut of its new Android flagship devices for Mobile rld Congress in Barcelona in just a couple months.

Sony to launch yet another flagship

Sony xperia z3v

It’s highly unlikely we’ll see another Xperia flagship so soon, but the rumor mill seems convinced. 

It’s been only three months since Sony debuted the third phone in its Xperia flagship lineup, the Xperia Z3, but apparently it’s been long enough. Rumors point to the launch of Sony’s fourth-generation flagship, the Xperia Z4, at CES 2015. Even Engadget has hinted about its arrival, though we think it’s more likely that we’ll see a blown-up version of the Xperia Z3 rather than an entirely new design. Again, we have a whole year ahead of us—plenty of time to spend perfecting the Xperia Z4.

’s second-generation curved smartphone

lg g flex Mike Homnick

’s second-generation curved smartphone may debut at this year’s CES.

Over a year ago, debuted its first curved smartphone, the G Flex. Since the company essentially started the trend of bent phones, we’re expecting to see its second-generation curved hset debut at ’s press conference on Monday. Not only will it sport an improved design, but it may also be the first of the Android smartphone brood to run on Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 810 processor. 

novo is just getting started

lenovotablet 5 Mike Homnick

novo may have acquired Motorola, but it’s too soon to see what the two companies have cooked up.

have no idea what novo has up its sleeve. Rumors are pointing to a lineup of budget smartphones for overseas markets, but we’re in the dark about what is has store for the U.S. And since it’s way too soon to expect anything from novo’s acquisition of Motorola, we’re going to have to take a very literal “wait see” attitude about what it has planned for CES.

Expect plenty from Chinese OEMs


AS is a big phone manufacturer overseas. So what does it have in store for the market?

ile there aren’t too many rumors pointing to specific device launches, you can expect to see new devices from the likes of AS, ZTE, Huawei. Those three companies are just a sampling of the Chinese manufacturers with a big h in Asian markets, but they’re a hint at what’s up ahead. You’ll likely see more Android devices from these overseas giants their competitors later on in the year.

Curious about what else is coming out of CES 2015, beyond just Android smartphones tablets? Our sister site, , has more on the gadgets technology slated to hit big at the annual conference.