Android llipop over-the-air update, factory images now available for Nexus 5, 7, 9, 10

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 12 Nov 2014

In the last week, has announced that it is about to roll out Android llipop (5.0) for the G3, Motorola just began rolling out updates to the new Moto X Moto G. In both cases, users have rightly asked, “Hey, isn’t supposed to update Nexus devices first?”

As if to reply, just began pushing out updates to a host of recent Nexus devices. The Nexus 5, Nexus 7 (both versions), Nexus 10 are starting to receive over-the-air (OTA) updates from KitKat to llipop.

The staggered rollout might take a few days to reach your device—if you just can’t wait, head over to ‘s Factory Images page to download install it yourself. You’ll need the developer tools to do so, the procedure is the same as it was for the Developer eview released this summer, with just a few obvious file name changes (follow our guide).

The Nexus 6 Nexus 9 ship with llipop, but they’re getting OTA updates as well. In the case of those devices, it’s just a few bugfixes to polish things up.

So what Nexus devices aren’t getting the new OS just yet? ll, the cellular-enabled versions of the Nexus 7 tablets typically take a few weeks longer than the -Fi only models. If you have one of those, you’ll have to be patient. The Nexus 4 is due to get llipop, but there’s no update for that yet, either.

The impact on you: If you have a recent Nexus device, you’re about to get a huge upgrade. Android 5.0 is a big leap forward for the OS in features, usability, security, performance, aesthetics.

If you have a non-Nexus Android phone, as most people do, consider this the official opening of the floodgates. The next few months will be very busy as device makers carriers scramble to bring the latest Android operating system to its users. And the app store will be overrun with llipop-optimized app updates or even apps that require Android 5.0 to run.