Motorola is winning the llipop race, rolling it out to 2nd gen Moto X, Moto G

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 12 Nov 2014

Second-generation Moto X G owners rejoice: Android llipop is on its way to your phone. Motorola is proclaiming the re ition will be first out of the gate, with other models getting llipop once it gets the go-ahead from the carriers. The Moto G already has a release notes page, so that could be hitting your device anytime.

These updates are starting now, but the phased rollout can take time, so it may be a day or two before it hits your device. Either way, you’re still way ahead of your Nexus-using friends, who have yet to get such news even though they probably bought the phone directly from .

It also trumps , which claimed to be first with llipop for the G3, but it hasn’t quite started the rollout yet. It’s coming this week, to be fair, a few days’ difference doesn’t really matter. Both companies deserve kudos for moving so quickly on the latest Android OS.

y this matters: Motorola is sticking to its promise to rapidly deliver Android updates. Hopefully these moves are the trickle before a deluge of llipop updates, as nearly all major phone manufacturers have promised rapid Android llipop updates for their most recent phones.