‘s G tch R ls on ay atop the Android ar heap

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 7 Nov 2014

‘s G tch R started racking up solid reviews a couple weeks ago, but now you can actually buy one.

The Android ar-based smartwatch is available now through the ay Store for $299. AT&T is selling the tch R as well, as announced earlier this week, but there’s no benefit to purchasing through the carrier aside from being able to see the watch up close first.

The G tch R is the most expensive smartwatch in the Android ar lineup, but it justifies the price with long battery life, a bright display that holds up in direct sunlight a design that looks like a traditional watch (albeit one that caters mainly to men).

y this matters: In our review, itor-in- said the G tch R is the best Android ar watch you can get today, though he bemoaned the watch’s wonky step altitude data, its lack an auto brightness setting, the occasional cut off notifications at the edges of the display.

But don’t count out Motorola’s Moto 360. After an underwhelming launch, the watch has steadily improved with a battery-boosting update, new features a slew of new watch bs including traditional metal. If you’re willing to spend around $300 for a smartwatch, things are starting to look up.