KitKat jumps up five percent in November Android platform report

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 4 Nov 2014

’s monthly platform distribution numbers show the ecosystem continues to slowly but surely move away from its once prominent fragmentation problem.

KitKat market share jumped another five percent, now running on 30 percent of devices that checked in to the ay Store last month. That may sound problematic, but the bigger picture reveals how far we have come. Now 81 percent of devices are running Android 4.1 or higher, which is usually what you need for compatibility with the typical Android app.  

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collects data from devices that access the ay Store, churning out a report each month.

y this matters: Fragmentation is a never-ending complaint about the Android ecosystem. Yet the bump up for KitKat, pledge by many OEMs to quickly deliver llipop, is one of the most promising signs that the impact on the average Android owner is minimal. The ay Store is seeing apps get Material Design makeovers almost daily, so the momentum is there for a more consistent experience for users, fewer compatibility problems for developers.