Get your Disney movie fix on Android with the Disney Movies Anywhere app

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 4 Nov 2014

Soon your children will be able to annoy you with never-ending viewings of Frozen on your Android device.

The popular Disney Movies Anywhere app is now in ay, which streams any previously purchased digital version of Disney films, even if you bought them from iTunes, Blu-Ray/DVD, or ay. The app was previously only available on iOS.

Disney Movies Anywhere is also Chromecast ready, so you stream directly to your TV with ’s stick or your new Nexus ayer.

You have to create an account through the company’s web portal or inside the app to get going. Once you do this, you can add in any previous digital purchases to your account. It eliminates some of the platform lock-in that is a common thorn in the side with streaming services. For example, even if you bought a movie on iTunes, you can watch it with the Disney Movies Anywhere app on your Android tablet. Typically a purchase on either platform is locked to your Apple or account.

The app also takes some of the pain out of redeeming those digital download codes from a DVD package. You can plug in the numbers directly into the app the movie is added to your account. 

Disney is throwing in eck-It for free to anyone who grabs the app signs up for a new account. The company also offers various loyalty rewards for bulking up your film collection.

y this matters: This puts Disney’s movie catalogue front center on the world’s most popular mobile operating system. th ’s new Nexus ayer Android TV initiative, the company is making a serious play for the living room. Disney is a crucial ally, as often it’s the kids who control the remote. Disney wins by exping its reach to Android, while gets its hs on the king of kids’ movies.