G tch R’s $299 price from AT&T will make it Android ar’s most expensive watch to date

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 3 Nov 2014

AT&T has outed the price of ’s G tch R at $299, likely making it the most expensive Android ar smartwatch to date.

The price briefly appeared on an AT&T product page , where it was spotted by Android lice. AT&T will also sell Motorola’s Moto 360 its stard $249 price, but it’s offering a $50 discount when purchased along with a Moto X.

The G tch R is arguably the best-looking Android ar watch yet—at least for dudes— is clearly the most traditional, with its round watch face hefty lugs that connect to the leather strap. In his review, itor-in- praised the G tch R’s design, battery life display quality, but had quibbles with the leather strap, found some troubling inaccuracies in the watch’s step counter altitude recorder.

Strangely, sent out review units without specifying a price or release date for the United States. It still hasn’t done so, but expect that to change soon now that AT&T’s let the cat out of the bag.

y this matters: At $299, the G tch R is $100 pricier than Samsung’s Gear ve, which was one of the first Android ar watches still the cheapest. th Apple preparing to launch its own smartwatch next year for $350 up, rival device makers are likely feeling a bit more comfortable wading into a higher price range.