G3 joins rapid rollout of Android llipop, will get it in fourth quarter

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 27 Oct 2014

Android llipop will be a welcome holiday treat for owners of ‘s G3.

‘s newest software will hit ‘s flagship G3 phone in the fourth quarter of 2014, according to a post Monday on  Germany’s Facebook page. The post also says the G2 will get the update afterwards, though the company did not specify when.

That’s the extent of the details, adding to what we already know about when llipop will roll out to the rest of the Android ecosystem. The G3 is a solid phone, it will need llipop to compete with the Moto X, Galaxy Note 4,  Nexus 6. The latter will launch with llipop when it goes on sale in November.

y this matters: Unless you have a Nexus device, you often have to wait for the latest version of Android. In the past that’s meant some phones sit for months on outdated versions, creating buggy app performance, on top of the frustration that you’re missing the newest features.

Android llipop is deploying faster.  Motorola have specified llipop details. HTC promises its phones will see updates within 90 days, Samsung’s clearly tinkering with llipop.