Voice gets MMS support, hinting at a future merger with Hangouts

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 7 Oct 2014

has some good news for MMS fans who want to rely on Voice for their calling needs instead of the number supplied by their carrier. Unless all your friends business associates are on Verizon, that is. ex esen, tech lead manager for Voice, announced via + that Voice now supports MMS on many carrier networks across North America.

says it worked with nearly 100 carriers in the U.S. Canada to bring MMS to Voice, including AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Bell Canada, Rogers, Telus.

The story behind the story: Voice’s support for MMS is a key bit of functionality that helps the service behave more like a regular phone number. th this support in place, it may indicate that will soon merge Voice into Hangouts to create one monolithic messaging app that covers voice calls, SMS, MMS, chat. Rumors about a Voice-Hangouts merger surfaced earlier in 2014. Because Voice is still a U.S.-only service (while Hangouts is international), however, there may not be much point in integrating the two services just yet.

ere’s Verizon?

You may notice one big name missing from that list: Verizon. didn’t come out explicitly say Verizon wasn’t participating. However, it’s also unlikely that decided to lump in the largest carrier in the United States with the anonymous “nearly 100” on the list.

Voice’s MMS integration went live late Monday, so it should be working for most users across the U.S. now—excluding Verizon numbers.

Adding MMS support is the latest new feature for Voice after integrating the service with Hangouts for Android in September. In ly, also added Hangouts integration to the Voice website.

’s recent flurry of Voice tweaks may not be over yet. In his + post, esen said to expect more Voice messaging improvements in the future.

If MMS support means you’re now ready to go full Voice, check out our tutorial on how to use Voice with Hangouts.