How to get instant scores and sports updates with Google Now

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Derek Walter

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Fall is a sports fan’s delight. The MLB playoffs, college football, and NFL are in full swing with the NBA season on the horizon.

Google Now is a way better method for quickly finding a specific score or a roundup of the day’s action than sifting through different mobile apps. It’s even faster if you use the Google Now launcher, as it puts search one tap or swipe away on an Android device.

By following these tips for following your favorite teams and quickly getting scores you can turn Google Now into your full-time sports network.

Search by team

Type in a team’s name or say it with voice search and Google delivers a game-in-progress score, or shows you the team's upcoming schedule. 

You also get related news about what’s going on with that team. Just scroll through the page to see what’s available to read.

During a game touch the Live Update or Play-by-Play link (it varies by sport) at the bottom of the card, which takes you to that league’s site for constant updates.

google now giants

Just type or say the name of a team for instant results.

Another nifty feature of the voice search is how the unnamed-voice-of-Google Now will tell you details about the game. For example, during the Giants-Nationals playoff game Google Now said, “the San Francisco Giants are leading the Washington Nationals in the bottom of the fifth inning” after I simply queried, “San Francisco Giants.”

Remember, you can launch voice search by tapping the microphone icon or by saying “OK Google” from any screen on a Nexus or Moto X. Launching the voice actions vary on other devices depending on the manufacturer's custom interface, but a swipe-up from the bottom of the screen will usually get you to Google Now, and then the "OK Google" voice prompt should work. 

Search by league

If you want the list of all the scores for a specific league just type its acronym into Google search. 

If you type or say “NFL” you’ll get a list of that day’s games with scores for any in progress. Touch a specific game to get a card with more details. 

google now league

Just type or say the name of a league to get all the day’s action.

Google also conveniently matches the game start times with your time zone. Also, scroll through the days or weeks ahead to find out what the future weeks have in store. 

Add your teams

Google Now can do the digital heavy lifting for you if it knows your favorite teams. To add your teams scroll to the bottom in Google Now and touch the magic wand. Then select Sports.

google now add a team

Add your teams to Google Now to get alerts about current and upcoming games.

Tap Add a team and then type in a pro or college sports team. Google will find college and professional teams from all the major sports. 

You’ll have to add college teams multiple times if you want to track how they do with different sports. An icon appears next to the name so you know if it’s for football, basketball, or another sport.

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