Google Play Store begins listing in-app price ranges

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You now have a better idea of how much extra that "free" app may really cost. As part of Google's effort to add more transparency to its Play Store, developers are listing a price range for in-app purchases. 

The utility is rather mixed, as there is no specific breakdown by line item of upgrade costs. For example, EA's FIFA 15 Ultimate Team lists a price range from $0.99 to $99.99, with the latter hopefully getting you some seriously dominating players. 

fifa 2015 play store

You can spend anywhere from $1 to $100 on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team.

Why this matters: This follows a recent move that requires developers list a physical address if they are selling their app or offering in-app purchases. The purpose is to help you feel a bit more at ease about hitting that "Install" button or powering up your team with real-world dollars.

Catching up to the App Store

Google continues to creep towards Apple's App Store in generating revenue from Google Play. Because Google doesn't make money from Android device sales, it surely wants a robust app marketplace where it gets a 30 percent cut from apps and upgrades. 

While the in-app upgrade policy change may help to that end, it won't add any assurance to price-conscious buyers who won't know what to make of a $100 price range. This new initiative is more consumer-friendly, but still needs some tweaking.

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