Moto 360 bugfixes highlight this week's Android device updates

Moto 360 charging

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The Moto 360 may be a little less buggy thanks to the latest update from Motorola.

Each week, we gather up all the major software updates for the biggest phones on U.S. carriers (and unlocked phones, of course), and round them all up so you don’t miss a thing.

Making sure your device installs the latest software is a good housekeeping practice, ensuring you have the latest features, close security holes, and get those pesky bugs squashed.

Moto 360

Motorola is rolling out an update to the Moto 360 that improves Bluetooth connectivity and fixes a number of bugs. 

To get update KGW42R your watch must be at 80 percent battery life or greater and paired with a phone that has an active Internet connection. Motorola says you can’t downgrade after installation.

The changelog lists the following:

  • Bluetooth connectivity: Improved Bluetooth connectivity between the watch and phone to reduce momentary disconnects experienced by some users.
  • Charging notification: Added a message to confirm that Moto 360 is charging in cases when its battery is fully depleted.
  • Bug fixes: Implemented bug fixes and other system optimizations.


You had to wait too long for this, but the bump to Android 4.4.4 for the unlocked Moto X brings all the latest bug fixes and security upgrades to Motorola’s first-generation flagship phone. 

This comes about three months after 4.4.3, even though 4.4.4 was put out by Google in June. This patch is coming straight from Motorola and is focused on security fixes, so be sure to grab it when it hits your device. 


This update is bad news if you want to root the device: update 4.09.605.5 says it closes a “device root vulnerability issue.”

It doesn’t look like it does much beyond that, so if rooting isn’t your thing then go ahead and install it as it could include those constant bug fixes that seem to accompany every update.


AT&T is updating the Galaxy S4 Active with the latest versions of Google apps (but you should be updating these on your own through the Play Store), a security patch, and “connectivity improvements” for calls and text messaging. 

The KOT49H.I537UCUCNH3 update is a 127MB download, so maybe you want to do it over WiFi if your data plan is a concern.

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