Android Developers Must List a Physical Address in Play Store

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 18 Sep 2014

Android developers are being told to list a street address in Play. If they plan on selling apps or in-app purchases. The rule can be found in someone’s Play Developer Console pictured. Developers are instructed to add a physical address to their contact information. And posted on the app’s page on Play. It only applies to app developers who require payment or offer in-app upgrades. Those who produce entirely free apps are exempt. The announcement included a dire warning that those who do not add an address by September 30, 2014. May have their apps removed from the Play Store.
Android developers got the message about adding a physical address to their profile in the Play Developer Console.

This may not sit well with independent developers who work out of their homes. And would instead not share their address with the planet. Given that a physical address is a quick search away from a detailed map complete with StreetView. This could unsettle many who build apps for Android. One developer took his objection to the Android developer’s forum. Currently, a developer’s address is visible in Wallet when someone buys an app. But that is less noticeable than in the Play Store. The move was another effort to tighten accountability in Play. Which often gets dinged as having malware. And downright sketchy apps than Apple’s App Store. However, it leaves some developers with two poor choices; fork over money for a PO. Box, or worry about angry app buyers showing up at the doorstep.