Get started making Android apps with these online courses

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 18 Sep 2014

Have you thought of building your own Android app? It’s not as insurmountable a challenge as you may think.

There are many online free resources to get you started with the world of code. Others will cost money, but the fees are generally less than what you would pay to enroll in a university course or program.

Better yet, most of these platforms offer an Android app to continue your work when away from the desktop.

ile resources like Codecademy are built for teaching you programming languages, our selection focuses on Android-specific courses workshops. So check out what we have compiled to start your journey to building your own apps.


To reduce your panic at taking on Android development, has partnered with online educational portal Udacity

One option is for beginners – UX Design for Mobile Developers. This class focuses on the basics of mobile design, which is a good place to start for learning how to think about what makes a good Android app.

roid udacity

has built two different Android development classes for Udacity.

If you are a complete newbie would rather learn the nuts bolts of building an app before charging off to design, the best option is Intro to va ogramming, built by San se State. 

Finally, ’s most comprehensive option for those who already have the basics down is Developing Android Apps, which is taught by three of ’s developer advocates. They use videos programming exercises to walk you through the process of building a mock weather app.

The self-paced portions of the courses are free. These are ideal if you are just casually learning at your own pace unsure how deep to go with all this new knowledge.

If you want real-life feedback from this course, or any others in the catalogue, it costs $150 per month. It sounds like a lot, but it includes real-world feedback may be worthwhile to get an official-looking certificate to hang on your wall if you want to get serious about building Android apps.


Coursera is another popular online course provider offering several Android programming classes. You can even earn a certificate in Mobile cloud computing with Android.

roid coursera

Earn a certificate in Android development from Coursera.

If you just want to try out a specific course, consider the introductory ogramming Mobile Applications for Android Hheld Systems. This is an eight-week class that goes through all the key features of the platform, such as notifications, intents (how apps talk to one another) data management.

ke Udacity, it has an Android app for extending your learning to a tablet or phone.


Udemy also has several different Android courses, though if you want something free that is better suited for the uninitiated, try out their Android for beginners class. 

udemy roid

Udemy offers several different courses for those new to the world of Android programming

ile it is designed for those br-new to the green robot, the course description recommends experience building with va. If that isn’t the case, head to va Essentials for Android, which will cost you $89.


Treehouse offers an excellent Android selection, including a course that starts you out with building a simple Android app showing you the ropes of va.

treehouse roid Treehouse

Treehouse offers several different Android programming courses.

Treehouse requires a monthly fee for its materials – you can choose from a $25 Basic or $50 o membership level. You probably can do fine with the former if you don’t need “exclusive” workshops, talks from industry professionals, interviews.  

Treehouse also just went mobile, releasing an app for Android.

Android Developer Training Site

Don’t overlook ’s own tools, found on the Android developer resources site.

The assumption here is that you already have some coding experience under your belt, but if you’re a fast learner, charge ahead see what makes sense.

roid developer site Android Developers

The Android Developer site offers several resources for newcomers.

The tutorials include the basics of getting started with Android Studio, design principles, using multimedia, including support for wearables. 

If some of it sounds like gibberish then it may be too much for now. Though it’s worth checking out to get a feel for what higher-level development will look like.

MIT App Inventor

If you don’t know the first thing about code want to learn how to think like a programmer then try out MIT App Inventor. The visual programming software was originally built by , but now is housed developed by MIT as an educational tool.

mit app inventor MIT

Build apps without using any code in MIT App Inventor.

ile you won’t be building anything that will make you rich, you can produce some rather clever apps, including games G-enabled applications. You just need to sign in with a account to get started save your work to the cloud.

The App Inventor site has several tutorials to help you get started. You will also need the AI Companion app, which allows you to test out your apps while building them in real time.