HTC rumored to have killed its smartwatch plans

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 5 Sep 2014

ile HTC has been rumored to have a smartwatch in the works since the beginning of the year, a new report from cket-lint says that the One-maker has halted its plans completely.

There is a possibility that HTC has aboned the wearables market for the time being due to the increasing competition from Samsung, Motorola, Sony, just to name a few. After two botched tablet releases in 2011, HTC left the tablet market, is just now rumored to return. By not releasing a smartwatch, the company could be playing it safe assessing the market further before jumping in.

The rumored smartwatch from HTC was said to be based off of the design of the Qualcomm Toq, featuring a Mirasol display that’s easily viewable in direct sunlight while saving battery in the process. Despite the initial intrigue of Qualcomm’s reference device, interest has shifted to Android ar, so it wouldn’t be at all be surprising for HTC to shift focus as a result. 

t’s also not forget the ’leaked’ HTC Android ar watch we saw back in ly (it could have just as easily been the Toq-based watch).

If you’re looking forward to a HTC-made smartwatch, you may have to wait a little longer.