Asus teaser video reveals the name of its upcoming smartwatch: Zentch

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 27 Aug 2014

It’s not enough to announce your big new products at a huge trade show like IFA anymore. No, that’s what everyone does. Savvy marketers pre-announce their products with teasers that tell you to get ready for the real announcements. Such is the case with the latest Android ar watch from Asus.

In a teaser video on YouTube, Asus dropped the name of its watch, “Zentch” along with a note to expect more on September 3 at it’s IFA Berlin press conference. The video doesn’t tell us much about the product, unfortunately. It’s all close-up panning shots without the display turned on. It looks to have a brushed-metal appearance a rectangular display, but that’s about all we can discern from the teaser video.

Competition among Android ar devices is heating up. Next week, Motorola will finally bring forth its Moto 360 first revealed back at I/O. is expected to announce a successor to the G tch, a more stylish affair with a round watch face. Samsung may reveal a new watch at IFA as well, though it is unclear if it would run the company’s own Tizen software or ‘s Android ar.