What to expect when you're expecting the Moto X+1

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There have been so many leaks on the the forthcoming Moto X+1 release that it’s hard to keep track of what is noise and what is legitimately worth jumping up and down over.

With the launch of the device well than a week away, we figured we’d round up all the hearsay surrounding Motorola’s next flagship device, as well as the successor to the Moto G, the G2. Based on the rumors, it sounds like it's going to be an exciting time to be an Android user. 

Fancy designs will return, including leather

moto x1 evleaks evleaks

Just like its predecessor, the X+1 will come in a variety of colors and styles. A recent leak by Brazilian retailer, Livaria Logos, suggests that the phone will be available in leather, solid black, pearly white, and bamboo flavorings. It’s unclear if Motorola will continue with the customizable chassis as it did with the Moto X, though apparently it will have an aluminum ring surrounding the device, as well as a slightly curved back adorned with a very prominent Motorola logo.

moto2 Android Police

Its aluminum ring looks very similar to the HTC One's. 

Hellomoto HK also showed off what it claimed to be the front display assembly for the Moto X+1, which validates some of the theories regarding its 5.2-inch display and front-facing speakers. The Moto X+1 could be a serious contender for the HTC One (M8), which currently holds the title for best-sounding smartphone speakers.

motorola X+1 display Hellomoto HK

Hello Moto, those are cutouts for front-facing speakers. 

The specs indicate it's going to be fast

moto x benchmarks Primate Labs

Benchmarks aren’t necessarily the determining factor of a device’s performance, but it is a good indicator of how much potential is under the hood. Leaked benchmarks of the Moto X via Geekbench show the X+1 sporting a quad-core, 2.46 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, as well as 2GB of RAM and 24GB of internal storage. The specifications seem to match a previously released benchmark report, which paired the Moto X+1 with a 5.2-inch, 1080p display, and a 12-megapixel rear-facing camera. Speaking of which…

Its camera is going to take really good photos

hellomotohk leak HelloMoto HK

Well, that is, if it actually comes equipped with the 12-megapixel camera sensor it's rumored to have. Any new camera sensor should be better than what was embedded in the Moto X. A leaked photo also shows two LED flashes on the backside, while GSM Arena reports the camera will have optical zoom, a first for consumer smartphones.

Its Touchless Controls will be better

The original Moto X’s always-on touchless controls were a seriously groundbreaking feature for the Android sphere. It’s still limited only to Motorola’s phones, and for good reason—why would the company share the feature with other manufacturers and lose its edge? The Moto X+1 will surely include software features that improve upon the technology, though we don’t have any specific details.

As for which version of Android it will run, Moto X+1 will have Android 4.4.4 KitKat right off the bat, but it won’t stay there: a Moto executive has also confirmed that it will receive an update to Android L. The Moto X was way ahead of its competitors for receiving Android OS updates, and we hope this rapid release turn-around continues.

There’s a new Moto G, too

motog2 leak HelloMoto HK

Of course, Motorola wouldn't make fanfare about its flagship device without introducing a successor to its best-selling product thus far: the mid-range Moto G. First reports of the Moto G2—codenamed "Titan"—showed up back in July, and more recently on HelloMoto HK.

The phone appears to be much bigger than the original Moto G, though it still sports the same swappable back cover as is predecessor. The specifications could include a 5-inch 720p HD display, 1.2GHz Snapdragon 400, 16GB of storage with expansion slot, 8- and 1.3-megapixel rear- and front-facing cameras, and dual-SIM capabilities outside of the US. As with the Moto G, it's aimed at providing a good experience at low cost for growing overseas smartphone markets.

We'll find out soon enough if any of these rumors turn out to be true. Stay tuned for our complete coverage of the Motorola event in Chicago next this week.

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