Report: Asus may launch its own Android ar watch next month

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 14 Aug 2014

Being an Android user is all about choice, that goes for the wearables category, too. There are rumors that Asus may unveil its own Android ar-based smartwatch at IFA next month, which would add another name to the growing number of manufacturers jumping on board with ’s open source wearables software.

Focus Taiwan reports that Asus CEO rry Shen briefly alluded to a possible smartwatch showcase in Berlin. It’s not entirely far fetched, considering announced Asus as one of the partners on board the Android ar train. The report also suggests that the Asus smartwatch was already screened by . The device may cost between $99 $149.

Asus already has a strong h in the Android world. It’s the manufacturer behind the first- second-generation Nexus 7, it offers its own selection of Android devices, including the two-in-one dFone. An Android ar watch would just add more choice among its arsenal of Android-powered devices.