Super-sized G3 Stylus phablet leaked by itself

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 5 Aug 2014

’s newest smartphone is a stylus-packing, super-sized version of its G3, it was leaked by none other than itself. The phone first appears in a cameo at the end of a promotional video for the G3 Beat, a variant available in Asia.

There are no device specifications listed in the video, as the phone’s outing may have been an oversight on the part of . The G3 Stylus appears to be larger than the G3 , as the name implies, is paired with a thin stylus.

clearly does not want to be left out of the phablet space, given the popularity of the Samsung Galaxy Note line the growth of Android apps that support sketching writing . In fact, if the G3 Stylus were to be announced soon it would be optimal timing for , as the Galaxy Note 4 is expected to launch in September.

The leak seemingly does not bother , as the video remains on the official Mobile Global YouTube channel. It makes you wonder whether or not this was an honest mistake or a promotional stunt. 

If phablets aren’t your thing but you still like the idea of a large-screen Android phone, our review of the G3 found it to be an excellent device that, unlike other manufacturers, offers minimal bloatware.