Google Play Music updated to 5.6, adds interface tweaks and Android TV support

google play music primary
Jason Cross

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Wednesdays are affectionately known as "Google update Wednesdays" around the Greenbot offices, because that's the day Google usually rolls out updates to its core suite of Android apps. It tooks us by surprise, then, when an update to Google Play Music popped out of Mountain View yesterday.

Google Play Music 5.6 isn't a big update. It doesn't overhaul the interface to adhere to Material Design standards, for example. In fact, in one small way, it's a step backward (the songs you download are limited to 5 phones now, though you can still use 10 devices overall). But it does add a few nice tweaks worth making note of.

The flyout menu has been given a little boost, with a new account-picker up top (handy for those who have multiple Google accounts on their phone) and a "Downloaded Only" toggle to make it easier to play only those songs you've cached to your device. Because not everyone has unlimited data, and airplanes without free Wi-Fi are still a thing.

google play music 56 update

The old flyout menu (left) vs. the new one (right).

Under the hood, this update adds support for casting to Android TV, which isn't out yet, but it's nice to have all this stuff working ahead of time, I guess.

The update is rolling out now: If you don't have the new version yet (you don't have the "Downloaded Only" toggle in the flyout menu), it should show up in a few days.

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