Your Friday funny: The Daily Show eviscerates Google Glass wearers

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Comedy Central’s The Daily Show does satire better than anyone, and we can't think of a topic more ripe for mockery than the earnestness of Google Glass wearers who cry discrimination. On last night’s episode, Jason Jones interviewed a panel of Glass wearers—sorry, “Explorers”—all of whom had endured some sort of incident for wearing the technology.

The panel included Cecilia Abadie, who received a traffic ticket for wearing Google Glass, and Kyle Russell, who had his Google Glass ripped off his face and smashed while covering a protest of a Google employee. Talk about meta.

The half-dozen Glassvangelists were interviewed about what it’s like to be vilified for wearing Google Glass, and while their answers are mostly serious, Jason Jones’s replies are utterly delightful. "The best uses of Glass today are apps that act as an interface between you and the real world," one Glasshead tries to explain. “Do you guys hear yourself when you talk?” interjects Jones. “‘An interface between you and the real world.’ Those are called eyes.” He’s not wrong.

You can watch the segment embedded above, and if you’re curious about whether or not the Glass wearers were on board for the joke, check out this blog post from panelist Nick Starr.

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