+ for Android gets a fresh new coat of red paint

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 20 May 2014

It looks like isn’t aboning + after all. The social network ( photo sharing) app just received a huge interface makeover, laying credence to the idea that despite Vic Gundotra’s departure, won’t leave + on the back burner.


New versus old. 

The update trades in the static gray bars for vibrant red ones, rather than utilize a “hamburger” pull out navigational menu, now there’s quick access at the top of page. From here, you can access everything: your circles, your community, as well as cations, Events, otos, including the new Stories feature.


Hamburger-style is over (right); now it’s all about the pull-down.

rge photo libraries are also now supported on the Android app. It’s interesting to note, however, that + the otos app are now treated as two separate apps rather than one linked entity. otos still has the pull-out menu interface of the days of yore, while both the cations Events page stay contained inside the + app.

The app is slowly rolling out to Android devices everywhere, but if you’re the type that needs instant gratification, you can immediately try out +’s new photo features in your browser.