Music lets you update your library through Chrome

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 26 Mar 2014

In an effort to get more music lovers on board with its music streaming services, added the ability for users to upload music files directly to their Music accounts through the Chrome browser.

eviously, Music users have only been able to do so with the Music Manager desktop application, which meant dropping the physical music file into the designated music folder, then waiting for the app to sync it up to an account up in the cloud.

To enable the ability to upload music through Chrome, simply flip the switch in bs. The feature will also introduce a nifty little mini player let you download music from your library without installing the Music Manager.

googlemusic chromeupload2

Since it’s a bs project, expect this feature to have a short shelf life unless chooses to stick with it. If you’re feeling wild, you can also flip the switch on any of the other bs projects, like the ability to rate songs on a 5-star scale, play back audio in HTM, or turn on desktop notifications, which let you know what’s playing without making you switch to the ay Music tab.