Details leak about Verizon's "More Everything" promotion, starting Thursday

more verizon 2

Verizon Wireless is about to give its customers a big fat upgrade. The strategy: Don’t just improve one part of its service, bump up everything. The promotion is scheduled to be announced Thursday, after a tease on Verizon’s twitter feed.

But why wait for tomorrow when you can get leaked details today? Anonymous tipsters sent in photos of the promotional materials made for Verizon representatives to Android Police. In them, you can see details of the “More Everything” plan.

more everything 01 IMAGE: Android Police

Leaked details of the Verizon More Everything promotion.

In the photos, you can see what’s on tap. The Edge early-upgrade plan customers are getting a $10 break in price ($20 for those with 10GB+ data plans). Users get 25GB of Verizon Cloud storage and free international messaging (from the US). 

Data caps are getting a boost in some cases. The 500MB, 1GB, and 2GB plans are jumping up to 1GB, 2GB, and 3GB without a change in price. That’s a great move—500MB today is like having a 100MB plan a few years ago. It’s not every useful at all, and all carrier plans should start at at least 1GB (a paltry 32MB per day).

more everything 02 IMAGE: Android Police

Another shot of Verizon’s leaked promotional materials.

The “doubled bandwidth in cities coast to coast” part has me scratching my head a little. I don’t think Verizon can update all its towers at once. This is probably the start of a rollout of enhanced LTE service bonding two or three channels together for higher peak speeds, and if so, it’s likely to only be in a handful of markets (and not at every location in those markets). It’ll also require specific phone support.

But hey, don’t worry, you can get a new phone sooner, too! Until the end of March, customers who bought a phone before November 13, 2013 can enroll in Edge and get an new phone.

The official announcement, according to Verizon’s tweet, is coming Thursday. You won’t have to wait long to find out if these leaks are accurate, and read the fine print. There’s always fine print.

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