ay Services update adds multiplayer games to the party

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 9 Jan 2014

Games on the Android platform are about to get a little more fun… friendly.

The latest ay Services update, released Thursday, lets developers take advantage of new turn-based multiplayer mechanics. Once enabled, you’ll be able to play with up to eight friends in a game. That data will then be uploaded to the ay Services servers, allowing other players to see your score in real time. 

has also improved battery life for users who complained that enabling cation Reporting on their mobile devices was draining battery life. And, if you use + (although you might not after today’s update), you’ll find that the G+ app now offers better auto-complete suggests friends from your Gmail contacts list, device contacts, anyone else who is on ‘s social network.

On the developer front, the update also includes a preview of the new Drive A for Android, as well as new ways to make money from ads.

ay Services 4.1 has slowly begun rolling out to Android users everywhere.