Lookout Antivirus & Security Review Basic Protection for Your Android Phone

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 30 Aug 2013

Smartphones are a treasure trove of personal information. It doesn’t take much for people who would harm you to get at all that sensitive data. While a lock on your phone helps deter physical threats. You still have to watch for sneaky apps that want your private info. Lookout Security & Antivirus is a security app that helps defend your phone against all kinds of evildoers. Still, you’ll have to pay if you want comprehensive protection.

Lookout is free from the Play Store and offers free and premium account levels. Signing up for a free account gives you all the essential tools. Such as a virus scanner and the ability to locate your phone remotely. Lookout’s privacy advisor gives you a glance look at which apps are accessing your information. If you decide to pay $3 a month. You’ll get access to a privacy advisor that breaks down what information each app has access to. It’s a simplified version of Android’s permissions warning that pops up whenever you install an app. Still, Lookout presents the information in a way that’s easier to digest. Lookout premium also gives you a safe browsing tool. It warns you about going to a known malicious website in your phone’s browser. 

Lookout’s virus scanner automatically runs. Whenever you install a new app. You can set it to scan your entire phone during certain times or initiate scans manually. According to data provided by AV-Test, a well-respected antivirus testing outfit, Lookout has a malware detection rate of 99 percent. The app compares favorably to other Android security apps. It is ranked as the fourth-best security app by AV-Test. In all the years I’ve used Lookout, I’ve never actually had the app alert me that it had detected malware. You’re more likely to find a legit app that violates your privacy instead of one that carries a trojan.

A significant downside to having Lookout run whenever you install an app is that it can slow down your phone. Especially if you are installing multiple apps at once and are using something other than a high-end phone. Such as the HTC One or Samsung Galaxy S4. Having the virus scanner run in the background doesn’t affect battery life, but if you’re worried about it.

You can set it up so it only activates sometimes you download an app. Even if you don’t decide to sign-up for Lookout Premium, the app is worth installing for its ability to locate your phone remotely. By logging into Lookout.com, you can see your phone’s location on a map and even make it scream to make it easier to locate. The scream is helpful if you misplaced your phone at home. Still, it’s disappointing that the two more valuable options, remote lock and wipe, require you to have a premium account. The app can also send a flare email with the last registered location. Even if the battery starts to run low or the phone dies. Again, it’s a helpful tool if your sofa eats your phone. But it is only a little use if some thief snatches it from your hands.









The remote wipe remote lock options are sadly only available for paying customers.

The free Lookoutmobile security version offers only offers essential protection. Still, it’s a solid app that provides peace of mind as you navigate the murky waters of the Play Store. Other security apps like TrustGo offer many of the same features. That Lookout locks behind its premium service for free, making them better for individual users worried about their phone’s safety. Lookout is a better choice for families. You can use a single Lookout account to manage and track multiple devices simultaneously. Last make sure to put a lock on your phone if you choose against paying for a subscription.