SwiftKey learns to Flow, gets even better

Move over Swype, there's a new gesture-based keyboard in town. Today SwiftKey—makers of one of the best replacement keyboards for Android—announced SwiftKey Flow, an app that combines gesture-based input with the company's top-notch prediction software.

At first glance, SwiftKey Flow doesn't look or perform all that different from SwiftKey 3: The spacebar is nice and big, and you can still type out words like you would on the normal SwiftKey 3 keyboard. SwiftKey Flow, however, allows you to slide your finger over letters in leu of tapping. It works a lot likeSwype or SlideIT, and users of those replacement keyboards will definitely find things to like about SwiftKey Flow. Here's a video of SwiftKey Flow in action:

SwiftKey hopes to release SwiftKey Flow sometime early next year, but you can get your hands on the beta version of the app now by going to swiftkey.net/flow and signing up for the company's VIP program. Unfortunately the company wasn't able to reveal pricing details or whether this would be an update to its current SwiftKey 3 application. SwiftKey Flow will also initially only work on Android phones, though the company tells me that they are trying to do something unique for Android tablets.

So if you're sick of your autocorrect constantly failing, or if you are just looking to try out a new keyboard, sign up for SwiftKey's VIP program and check out SwiftKey Flow. The beta is free, so you really have nothing to lose.

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