Apple ties Samsung for smartphone sales in Q4 2014

BY Killian Bell

Published 29 Jan 2015

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Apple is incredibly close to overtaking Samsung and becoming the world’s top smartphone vendor for the first time since 2011. In fact, during the last quarter of 2014, both companies were tied in worldwide smartphone sales, shipping 74.5 million units each.

Thanks mostly to its incredibly popular Galaxy S and Galaxy Note families, Samsung overtook Apple’s smartphone sales in 2011 and it’s been leading the pack ever since. But now that the South Korean company’s sales are declining and Apple’s are on the up, the tables are set to turn again.

According to the latest data from Strategy Analytics, both Apple and Samsung shipped the same number of smartphones during Q4 2014 — which ran from October to December. But while Apple’s sales grew by a record 18 percent over the year, Samsung’s dropped by 10 percent.

Both companies now command 20 percent of the smartphone market now, but Samsung’s dominance is slipping as Apple’s grip gets tighter. It’s mostly thanks to the Cupertino company’s latest iPhones, which have been incredibly popular since their debut last fall.


The combined sales of Lenovo and Motorola — which are now the same company — helped the duo grab third place in the rankings with 24.7 million units shipped; while Chinese smartphone maker Huawei grabbed the fourth spot with 24.1 million units shipped.

If you look at 2014 as a whole, however, Samsung remains top dog with 317.2 million units shipped versus Apple’s 192.7 million. In total, 1.3 billion smartphones were sold last year, which is an increase of 31 percent over 2013.

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