Apple Music beta for Android hits Google Play

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 10 Nov 2015

Apple Music logo

Months after it first launched Apple Music for iOS, Apple today launched the official Apple Music app for Android. The app will allow Android users to access the vast music library of Apple Music on their device.

On launching the app, which is currently in beta, Android users will be greeted with an option to start their three-month trial service. For this, they will have to sign in with their existing Apple ID or create a new one and then add a payment method. It is only after adding a valid payment method that they will be able to use the three-month trial period.

Just like its iOS sibling, the Apple Music app on Android provides one with access to human curated playlists; Radio including Beats 1; ‘For You’ section with music recommendations based on your taste; My Music with access to their iTunes purchases; and Connect to keep up with the latest happenings of their favorite artists.

Unlike Apple’s first Android app, Move to iOS, the Apple Music app is miles ahead in terms of usability and interface. The app genuinely feels like it has been made from the ground up, and is not just a port of the iOS version.

The only notable exclusion compared to the iOS app is the lack of support for music videos, though Apple says that it is “coming soon.” It is also not possible to sign-up or upgrade to a family membership plan using the Android app right now.

Apple Music for Android works with all Android 4.3+ devices.

Apple Music for Android