Android N Rumored to Get Redesigned Navigation Buttons

BY Evan Selleck

Published 24 Jun 2016

Android N redesigned buttons

There are a ton of new features coming to Android N for the public when it launches later this year, and it could include redesigned navigation buttons.

According to sources speaking with Android Police, Google is planning on redesigning the on-screen navigation buttons in Android N. The changes won’t be massive, but at least one button is getting a big color injection in the future software release — if the report is true.

Right now, the navigation buttons offer a triangle point to the left to represent the “Back” option, while an empty circle offers a quick jump “Home,” and finally an empty square on the right to activate the multitasking feature. The triangle and square will be staying the same for the most part, simply filled in with Android N’s release, rather than staying empty shapes.

The circle in the middle, though, is seeing an interesting change. It will be filled in like the other shapes, but it will also feature red, green, blue, and yellow accents around the edge. When long-pressing the button, which will activate Google Now on Tap, the circle will be animated as well.

Not a big change by any means, but a little extra color can’t hurt. It’s worth noting that the newly designed buttons seen in this post are just a recreation of what’s believed to be coming down the line, and not an actual screenshot of the redesigned navigation buttons.

What do you think of the changes?

[via Android Police]