Amazon to announce the new Kindle Fire tomorrow?

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 24 Sep 2013


According to 9to5Google, Amazon is expected to announce the new version of its Kindle Fire series of tablets as soon as tomorrow. The new Kindles are rumored to sport an all-new design, faster internals and higher resolution screens. 

To differentiate between the older gen. and the new Kindle Fire HD, Amazon will reportedly slap an “X” at the end of the name of the devices. So, the new Kindle Fire HD would be known as Kindle Fire HDX.

Some information about the new Kindles leaked back in July, suggesting high-resolution screens on all the devices. Other leaks have suggested that Amazon aims to keep nearly the same price-point as the current generation Kindles, and will also offer an improved software suite with greater emphasis on media consumption and ease of use.

While Amazon may announce the devices within the next 24 hours, they are not expected to ship before October-November. The company is also expected to continue selling the older-generation 7-inch Kindle with the next generation Kindles at a lower price point.

Image Credit – BGR