12 times when texting is a terrible idea

thelist texting a bad idea
flickr/Adam Fagen

I love texting. Texting is fabulous. Texting means I can communicate with people while interacting with them even less than I would have ever thought possible. It’s awesome.

But even I have to admit that there are times when texting just doesn’t cut it. And, of course, there are times when super awkward autocorrect fails are...well...super awkward. Here are 12 times you should think twice before texting instead of calling or, you know, talking to someone face-to-face:

When you need to express your feelings

Emojis and stickers, even animated ones, don’t quite have the emotional oomph of the spoken word. Trust me on this one.

When you want to break up

Unless, you know, it’s a super casual long-distance online relationship. Then, whatever!

When a loved one (or anyone) dies

dad died text

I feel like this should be self-explanatory, but apparently it’s not.

When you’re under the influence

Warning: This is not what you look like when you drunk-text your ex. This is what you look like:

drunk text
drunk text 2

When you’re firing someone

Although firing someone via Tweet is fine, right?

When it’s your boss

boss text fixed

Autocorrect is never your friend, but it’s especially vindictive when you’re texting the person responsible for your paycheck.

When they’re not texting back

Doesn’t matter who you’re texting: If your text-ratio is greater than 5:1, you need to stop. Right now.

When it’s an emergency

Hopefully an all-caps text isn’t the first thing you think of when you’re in a life-threatening, emergency situation. Hopefully.

When you have a lot to say

Your three-part text is too long. Nobody’s going to read that.

When you have serious, heavy, life-changing news to spill

If you have cancer, you’re pregnant, hell, even if you just got engaged...please don’t share it via text. Sharing it on Facebook is more socially acceptable. Yeah. Let that sink in.

When you’re discussing something illegal

Or anything fuzzily legal. Or anything that you don’t really want the government to find out about. Common sense, right?

When it’s just not working

not working 1
not working 2
not working 3

Yeaaaaah, sometimes texting is a terrible form of communication. Maybe just pick up the phone?

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