Unclouded review: Quickly manage all of your cloud stuff, for a price

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Just like the clutter in our closets, storing data in the cloud can quickly become unruly, especially if you use more than one cloud account. You've got Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, and that’s already four different cloud accounts to keep track of, each with their own account credentials and archive of files and folders to wade through. 

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Unclouded supports Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and Microsoft’s OneDrive.

Enter Unclouded. This freemium app consolidates all of these cloud services into one so that you only have to use one app to peruse all your content. Unclouded also offers tools for getting rid of duplicates and editing files, though they’ll launch externally in another app. You can also use the app offline, which is helpful for when you’re up in a plane or overseas. 

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Unclouded uses a hamburger-style menu to help you navigate between cloud accounts.

Each cloud account lives sequestered in its own tab in a pull-out hamburger menu. While you can’t access more than one cloud account at a time, you can easily switch back and forth between them without have to enter and exit different applications. Unclouded also offers an overview display for each account so that you can easily peep stats on things like how much space you have left and how many files are in each cloud account.

Pay to unlock more features


Unclouded will charge you quite a bit for its premium features.

The base download is free, but you’ll have to fork over a few bucks to do things like protect the app with a password, switch to a Dark theme, or access more than two cloud accounts. You can either pay 99 cents for each premium feature individually, $2.49 to unlock all three premium features at once, or $3.49 to unlock all three and avoid paying for any future updates.

It’s weird that the developers of Unclouded decided to offer so many payment tiers, but if you’re just using the app to switch between Dropbox and Google Drive, you won’t have to hand over any cash. I found the utility of the app useful enough, and if you have more than two cloud accounts you regularly access it’s worth paying for the whole suite of features.


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