Samsung bringing a lighter touch of the wiz in Galaxy S6, says report

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Mike Homnick

Samsung may finally be dialing back its onerous TouchWiz interface. BusinessKorea reports that the company is working on a simplified look with less software in its custom Android interface for the forthcoming Galaxy S6.

The report quotes a source who specifies what Samsung is going for: “We are aiming to get rid of unnecessary functions and simplify our UI at the level of Google’s Nexus 6.”

Given that the Nexus 6 runs stock Android Lollipop, this would be a clear shift in Samsung’s approach to its Android phones. Along with significantly changing the look of Android, TouchWiz piles on the software. In the Galaxy S5, for example, you get Samsung’s ‘S Health,’ a kids’ mode, multiple camera options, and the company’s own email and messaging apps.

The report says we should see the fruits of this software deconstruction when Samsung first unveils the Galaxy S6 at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress in March. Greenbot will be there to cover the event. We don't seriously expect Samsung to ship a Galaxy phone with near-stock Android, but a dialed-back TouchWiz is a very welcome change.

Why this matters: TouchWiz piles on the software, and changes the look, feel, and function of many core Android interface elements. Some of it is pretty useful, but a lot of the extra features just aren’t necessary. And worse, they slow down the responsiveness of your phone. On the design side Lollipop finally brings an elegant and consistent look to all of Android, making substantial interface tinkering unnecessary. A great-looking phone that lets Lollipop shine would be a compelling buy, and may be just what Samsung needs to reverse its recent streak of sinking profits.

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