Amazon Appstore's Christmas gift to users: $220 worth of killer games and apps for free

amazon appstore primary

Amazon’s Appstore is giving away a batch of excellent Android apps that will keep you up late into the night when you should be sleeping to await Santa’s arrival or assembling that multi-story dollhouse.

Head to Amazon’s site to check out the deals, which include the excellent Five Nights at Freddy’s, a spooky, animated thriller that is terrifyingly creepy—at least the first few times you play. Another freebie worth grabbing is Tetris, which is still just as good as you remember it even after all these years.

Also, if you like Minecraft you may enjoy Terraria, another “sandbox” type of game where you explore a pixelated world. And you can never really go wrong with Angry Birds Space.

It’s not just games that are part of the giveaway, however. Plex is an excellent option for organizing all of your media on your PC, and then effortlessly streaming your videos and music to any device you own. Amazon's giving the Android Plex app away for free.

Wolfram Alpha is a neat search engine, focusing on calculations and data gathering. Fleksy is also a solid keyboard if you want to try out an alternative typing solution.

The impact on you: Did we mention free games? It’s a great collection of titles—just make sure you sideload the new Amazon app so you can download them to your Android phone or tablet. The apps are being given away through December 26. Also, if you ever change devices don’t forget to reinstall the Amazon app on your new phone or tablet, or you’ll be without all of your newfound gaming action. 

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