Google Keyboard 4.0 sports new, Material Design-inspired look

google keyboard 4.0

There are plenty of great Android keyboards out there, but fortunately Google isn’t ignoring its own solution.

Google Keyboard 4.0 joins the growing list of apps made-over with Material Design, giving it a cleaner look and adding some useful tweaks.

google keyboard delay

Tweak how long it takes for those secondary keys to fire up.

You can now customize how long to hold down a key to trigger its secondary function. For example, holding down the “r” launches the “4.” So if you’re impatient, you can make the delay time super short.

There are two new themes: material dark or material white. But if you like the old look, the original holo blue and holo white from KitKat are still available.

The entire settings section also matches the white background and teal buttons found in other Material Design-madeover apps. The new version is rolling out in Google Play, or you can grab the APK from Android Police.

Why this matters: Google is reworking its stock apps with its Material Design design guidelines, getting them ready just in time for Lollipop to hit the ecosystem. While Google Keyboard doesn’t have as large of a feature set as others, it’s becoming a more solid option to handle everyday typing needs.

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