Android Lollipop build available for older devices, but it’s only for the brave

android lollipop forest

Waiting really is the hardest part, and it doesn't help that we we keep hearing about Android Lollipop.

The always-clever tinkerers at XDA Developers have cooked up a solution if you have a Nexus 4, 5, 7, 10, Xperia Z, Samsung Galaxy S3, or Galaxy Nexus and just can’t wait any longer.

They’ve crafted a Lollipop build from the Android Open Source Project and posted it for the masses. Keep in mind it doesn’t include most of the official Google apps and is bound to have bugs and other problems, so this really is only for those who are comfortable playing around with their phone’s software.

If you own a Nexus phone (except for the Galaxy Nexus) or the Xperia Z you’re likely to see an official release of Android Lollipop soon anyway, so best to hold tight for the real thing. The Galaxy S3’s future is uncertain, so it’s up to you whether or not to jump in.

The impact on you: It could make for a fun weekend project if you know what you’re doing. Unless you’re constantly toying with custom ROMs, however, it’s better to just wait for the official build from your device maker. Or it just may be time for a new phone, especially if you have a Galaxy S3 or Galaxy Nexus.

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