Looking for eateries near your hotel? Just ask Google Now

google now hotels

Using Google Now for travel is an excellent way to use the company’s search prowess to make your trip less stressful. Google is also ramping up its voice and search capabilities.

According to a Google+ post the you can now ask Google questions like, “Show me restaurants around my hotel” or “Give me directions to my hotel from here” and get answers.

The former will pull up suggestions of local eateries along with reviews, images, and information from Zagat. Asking for directions will get directions back to your hotel, which depending on Google Maps settings could be via mass transit, car, foot, or bicycle.

To make this magic work, you must have Google Now enabled on your device and turn on the Personal Options setting. This tells Google to scan your Gmail and look for hotel reservations so it will know where you are staying and can return accurate results.

Google Now settings

Be sure to enable Personal Results in Google Now to get location-aware suggestions.

While the Google+ post details two specific voice commands, it is likely many others would return information as well. For example, I asked Google to “show me bars around my location” and it provided ten different choices (unfortunately it was early in the morning).

Such new features can go live without the need for any kind of app update. It is beneficial to continually try out new voice commands and experiment with Google Now, as Google is always working to add to its capabilities.

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