Motorola may be making a gigantic Nexus 6


The next Nexus phone could be a whale of a device. According to leaked information provided to Android Police, Motorola is reportedly building a 5.9-inch Nexus phone. This would place it squarely in phablet territory, though that screen size would be appropriate for what may become the Nexus 6.

The Nexus Shamu report is firmly in the rumor stages: Even Android Police gives it a 6.5 out of 10 on the site’s confidence level. There are no leaked device shots to go on—the evidence is based on source material provided to Android Police and some cryptic information in Android forums.

This rumor follows a recent report that HTC is building the next Nexus tablet. That device, also with the fishy codename Flounder, is said to be anywhere from eight to nine inches in screen size.

The last two Nexus smartphones, the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 (pictured at top) were built by LG. If this rumor proves true, Motorola is certainly an interesting choice to build the Nexus 6, as Google is currently in the process of selling the company to Lenovo. It certainly has the background to make a stock Nexus device, as the Moto X and Moto G have only minimal customizations running atop Android.

While the site did not reveal the source information, it did point to Google’s issue tracker for Android Developer Preview releases. A bug report references a build number with the name Shamu.

In the past Google has used creatures of the deep as code names for its forthcoming Nexus devices, such as hammerhead, mahimahi, herring, and stingray.

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