Report: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will feature a built-in UV sensor

Michael Homnick

We've been wondering what Samsung could possibly do that would differentiate the Galaxy Note 4 from its predecessors, besides make it bigger. Well, how about an Ultraviolet (UV) sensor? According to a report from SamMobile, the fourth-generation phablet device will have this peculiar addition, but there is actually a good reason for it.

Since Samsung has been making a strong play for health and fitness, it will include the UV sensor to help those worried about premature aging or burning to a crisp. The sensor will display UV information in the included S Health app.

SamMobile’s report goes into intricate detail about the different UV index levels that the sensor can detect. But for it to properly work, you'll have to maintain a 60-degree angle of elevation of the phone towards the sun. Hopefully it will work better than the heart rate monitor on the Galaxy S5, which is really quite finicky.

The idea that a UV sensor would be helpful on a phone isn't too far-fetched. There are already products like the Netatmo June that measures your exposure to the sun and sync with an app on your smartphone to alert you when it’s time to go inside. It’s also a heavy sell to the Korean market, which is more concerned with avoiding exposure to the sun than we are in the U.S. Since Samsung is a Korean company, it tends to make many of its product decisions based on its home market.

Samsung is expected to debut Galaxy Note 4 later this summer, either before or during IFA 2014 in Berlin, Germany. We’ll be there covering a majority of the gadget announcements, so stay tuned.

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