Leaked screenshots reveal massive Material Design overhaul for Play Store

phantogram new google play
Android Police

Android L and its apps aren't the only Google offerings soon to be on the receiving end of a Material Design makeover. The Play Store itself is being overhauled to fall in line with Google's new aesthetic push, according to Android Police, which has revealed a slew of leaked screenshots purporting to show the state of the revamp in its current pre-release phase.

"We’re relying on bold, graphical, intentional graphics," said Nathan Streu, the Google Play user experience lead, during a panel on Google Play’s revamped design at Google I/O, and that's in full effect in these leaked screenshots. The drab, gray background of today's Google Play is gone in the alleged redesign, replaced by screen-filling "hero" images pulled from the content itself (at least on tablets). Books and magazines are framed in the blue of Play's Books and Newsstand sections, respectively, since their vertical imagery doesn't translate well as an app's background image.

You can see the redesign next to today's Google Play aesthetic in the side-by-side tablet screenshots of the Leo's Fortune game below.

leos fortune google play revamp Android Police

Click to enlarge to very, very long proportions.

The overhaul, assuming it's legit, is clearly still in the early stages, since the informational cards shown in the images are devoid of anything but barest bones of text. Android Police suggests the Google Play revamp will go live alongside Android L later this year.

While the new look certainly catches the eye, I'm a bit worried about a lack of information density if this Material-Design-inspired tweak indeed becomes reality. The overhauled apps show much less actionable information onscreen compared to the current Google Play design, which could force you to scroll and swipe around listings much more than you do today—sacrificing experience for eye candy, in other words. Microsoft's Windows 8 apps have suffered from criticism for taking that very approach.

Head over to Android Police to see all the leaked images, including screenshots of the revamp's phone interface, which isn't as drastic as the tablet makeover. And while you're at it, check out our own Android Influencers interview with Android Police's Artem Russakovskii to learn more about the site's policy to leaks and unofficial previews.

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