Preview an unofficial version of Android L on your Nexus 4

nexus4 newscreen

Google may have posted the Android L developer preview for only the Nexus 7 and Nexus 5, but through the combined efforts of a dedicated team of tinkerers over at the XDA Developers Forum, it’s been ported over to the Nexus 4, too. 

The second beta of the Nexus 4 version of Android L is up and ready to download. The first beta had issues with its camera, Bluetooth, and NFC, but they’ve since been addressed. There are several posts in the forum that cite frequent crashes, too. As with all ports, betas, previews, and custom ROMs, you should proceed with caution, and remember that this particular version of Android is still unstable. Also, bear in mind that several apps that offer root access, like SuperSU, won’t work with the Android L preview on the Nexus 4.

Still interested? Try it out for yourself.

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