QuickCamera app attempts to emulate Moto X feature


Since the Moto X debuted last year, its been praised for its unique features and customization options. Since then, the there has been an attempt by app developers to emulate these features for other phonesQuickCamera is yet another attempt. Instead of faking the Moto X’s active notifications or always-on listening, it mimics its ability to launch the camera with a twist of the wrist.

By using the accelerometer on your Android phone, QuickCamera launches the camera when a particular gesture is produced with your phone while it is in its locked state. The app also requires Google Camera to be installed “in order to launch the camera from the lockscreen,” according to the developer. 

I tried QuickCamera on both the HTC One (M8) and HTC One (M8) Google Play Edition with little success. Tweaking the settings seemed to do nothing, although, when calibrating the gesture sensitivity, the app did mention that it successfully detected the movement. I finally managed to get the camera to launch when the phone was in its locked state, but very few times, and with a lot more effort than it should take.

Since this the app is still in alpha, bugs and the sort are to be expected. If you’d like to give the app a try, you’ll need to join the Google+ community here, and confirm yourself as a beta tester. After that, you’ll be on your way to possibly getting some Moto X functionality. 

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