YouTube Music’s New Playlists are Aimed at Helping Users Discover Content

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 17 Dec 2019

youtube music new

In a bid to take on Spotify, YouTube Music has now introduced three new personalized playlists. The list includes Discover Mix, New Release Mix, and Your Mix. As we already know, Youtube Music is here to replace Google Play Music. All three new playlists are aimed at helping YouTube Music users to discover content.

If you have used Spotify you know about Discover Weekly playlist. This particular playlist curates 50 songs every week based on your preferences and listening patterns. The Discover Mix Playlist also works in a similar fashion. With the help of this playlist, you should be able to listen and discover lesser-known songs. The list gets updated every Wednesday so that you keep on discovering new music every week.

The second playlist is called New Release Mix. As the name suggests, the playlist curates all the new releases by your favorite artists. In all likelihood, it works similar to Release Radar on Spotify. Moving on, the Your Mix playlist curates the songs that are liked by you and other songs that are similar. This way you will be able to discover songs from your loved genre.

Apparently, Google was testing all the three new playlists from quiet some time. All three new playlists will be launched later this month and will be rolled out gradually. It is worth noting that Google’s move from Play Music to YouTube Music is still a work in progress. Google has already made the YouTube Music app the default music app that comes with new Android devices. In the past Music discover features have helped bring new artists to the forefront.

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