Xiaomi teases an online store for Europe

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 23 Sep 2013

When one of the biggest faces of Android, Hugo Barra, left Google to join Xiaomi, there was a ton of confusion. Why leave one of the world’s most beloved companies? Why start working for a company no one knows? How in the world do you pronounce Xiaomi? Barra answered all these questions, and many more, in an interview that was published on AllThingsD. He specifically said he joined Xiaomi so that he can help them sell their phones abroad. The first evidence of this effort coming to fruition are now starting to appear.

The Greek website TechBlog recently discovered that shop.xiaomi.eu was a live URL. You can’t access the website right now since it’s now password protected, for the few minutes it was live, there was a banner that said “Coming soon, Xiaomi Europe Sales Channel”. That couldn’t be any more clear.

Why Europe? Because it’s a continent where people are not averse to buying their phone off contract. In fact, most people are on prepaid. And seeing how Europeans are also well to do, they can afford a $300 to $400 phone.

When will we have more details? Hard to say. Again, Xiaomi is a company that’s very young and no one really knows how fast they move or what their intentions are in the smartphone market. They obviously want to move a lot of units, but they’ve stated numerous times that they want to make money using online services … services that no one really understand.

At least not yet.

Update: This URL is technically nothing more than a fan site. See the comment section below.